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    What is G-Ratio? Grinding Operations Explained

    Updated: February 21, 2024 Published: October 12, 2022

    What is G-ratio, and what does it mean for your grinding operations?

    The G-ratio is the formula to determine the ability of a grinding wheel to remove stock from a workpiece. A wheel that can grind efficiently on an easy-to-grind material with minimal wheel wear will have a higher G-ratio. By definition, the G-ratio is the total volume of material removed from the workpiece divided by the total amount of wheel wear.



    The formula for the G-ratio is as follows:

    G = Vw/Vs

    Vw = volume of material removed from the workpiece.

    Vs = Volume of total wheel wear.

    Both figures are measured in cubic inches. When the grinding wheel removes a large amount of material from the workpiece with little wheel wear, the G-ratio will be high. If the wheel is soft and does not remove a lot of material but the wheel wear is high, the wheel will have a G-ratio that is low. This is common with difficult-to-grind (DTG materials). For example, when the abrasive wheel wears too slowly and becomes glazed, machining forces are increased. This leads to poor shape holding, vibrations, and low-quality surface texture.

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