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    Choosing the Right Wheel for Glass Grinding

    Updated: February 20, 2024 Published: October 18, 2022

    Choosing the right diamond glass wheel for your operation can be the difference between consistent high-quality parts or decreased efficiency. Inefficient grinding wheels will result in hours of lost production time — something that comes in between you and your operational goals.

    Whether your glass grinding operations include beveling edges for construction glass or cutting holes for automotive side glass, keep reading to discover the best diamond wheel for your unique needs.


    Equipment and application

    When looking for the right grinding wheel, check the technical specifications of your equipment first and discuss with an application engineer to find the best fit for your needs. The goal of a high-performance glass grinding wheel is to cut freely with minimal chipping and hold its profile for as long as possible. Correct wheel formulation is critical to the success of your operation.

    Some questions you should ask yourself include:

    • What is the machine spindle power?
    • Is your equipment CNC-controlled?
    • Is your machine rigid and strong enough to minimize vibration?
    • Does your machine have sufficient coolant flow?
    • What are your production goals?
    • Do you have an adjustable spindle speed?
    • Will you be grinding the same glass type every day with that wheel?

    To drive metal bond wheels, your equipment must be up to par. The machine must have no free play, zero vibration, and plenty of spindle power or it will be impossible to meet your production goals.

    Grinding Wheel Consistency

    The consistency of your diamond wheel may be the most important aspect for long-term success. To ensure production is seamless and streamlined, your glass grinding operation should be repeatable and provide the same quality finish and consistent run time between re-grinds.

    If your wheels lose shape unexpectedly or need re-profiling at unplanned times, it will lead to machine downtime, loss of production, and waste. The success of your glass grinding operation is dependent on the consistency and repeatability of your product.


    Typically glass grinding wheels are required to run a minimum of 10,000 meters between dressings. To stay competitive in the industry, you should aim to re-dress the wheel as little as possible. Due to our vast selection of molds, we can design a wheel with twice the amount of usable diamond as our competitors.

    Metal bond glass grinding wheels are proven to hold their shape and profile longer than any other bond type. While needing to re-profile wheels is inevitable, having a wheel with a metal bond will provide the longest run time possible.

    Vendor selection

    Above all, working with a trustworthy, reputable vendor is critical to choosing the right glass grinding wheel. A common pitfall for many customers is deciding on a cutting wheel based on price alone. When comparing vendor A to vendor B from only a price standpoint, you can’t ensure the wheel meets every technical or application requirement.

    While it might be tempting to get the cheapest wheel off the shelf, you’re more than likely going to spend more in the long run due to shorter run times and excessive wear. Not having the correct wheel for the job will result in increased downtime, longer wheel re-profiling times, increased scrap parts, and more. At Eagle we believe in continuous product improvement, ensuring our customers remain ahead of the competition.

    When selecting a vendor, ask yourself the following:

    • Will I have access to application engineers?
    • Is this vendor really assessing my needs or just making a sale?
    • Will this wheel perform well in the long term?
    • Can this vendor guarantee the required run time?

    If you answered no to any of these questions, you should keep looking for a vendor that can better serve you.


    At the end of the day, every customer is unique. While your choice of grinding wheel is extremely important, it all comes down to the application. Here at Eagle Superabrasives Inc., we’ve got you covered. With comprehensive R&D conducted by application-specific experts, we measure your needs and find the best-fit metal bond diamond wheels to ensure you achieve your goals.

    When you work with us, you’re not just getting a wheel customized to your exact needs — you’re getting an ecosystem of support. From consulting services to ensuring your wheel performs at the highest level, we want to be your partner in profitability.



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